Arts Bombast: ArtPadSF

Did you ArtPad?

Ribbon Around A Bomb

Last week, I attended ArtPadSF, and It. Was. Fabulous. Rather than bore you with descriptions of all the beautiful people, ingenious art, and poolside whiskey that I consumed, I’d like to highlight my three favorite galleries that I (re)discovered, and strongly suggest that you check them out for yourself.

1. Queen’s Nails (San Francisco)

Queen’s Nails is a small gallery on Mission St., just past Cesar Chavez. I used to pass by it nearly every day, due to its proximity to my old house and some of my favorite bars, but alas, it was never open. There was about a week-long span where it just looked like a deserted white box, full of slowly deflating balloons. Well, I still haven’t been to the space, but I finally had a chance to learn more about the gallery at ArtPad. Um, you see the flames below? It’s part of the Sell…

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