75 Haikus in 2 Days

Written in two days
Seventy-five new haikus
Please enjoy them now

Delusions are safe
When others share them with you
Media madness

Things couldn’t be worse
Open eyes and realize
It is all your fault

Your mirror is cracked
I am in the reflection
But no one else is

You love the strange pain
Nothing surprises me now
Puncture wounds on neck

This is not a poem
I enjoy writing haiku
How do you like it?

The pillow is wet
Clothes are all over the floor
You are home alone

Home is not a home
Living on the road always
No rest until death

It cannot be so
Your lies have been uncovered
There is nothing left

The dark slowly creeps
Under your skin I will crawl
Together we morph

Procrastinate now
Tomorrow never comes back
Waste time together

There’s no one around
Alone is where I am now
Black hole here on Earth

The sorrow deepens
Nothing is beautiful now
Together we burn

Alone in the night
On an endless path of pain
Razor-blade kisses

Status update life
There’s nothing real on Facebook
Thumbing not tounging

You will die alone
The universe is empty
Love is no longer

Will you please wake up
Do something unexpected
The dusk fades with you

Doing terrible
Brain is going to explode
Kill me with your smile

Don’t believe their lies
Everything is ultra fake
they only want more

Fangs drip with fresh blood
The coffin closes at dawn
You are now one too

Beaten down by life
It offers nothing for all
Moon colony soon

Nothing matters now
Life on the run standing still
Alone forever

The future is now
Don’t wait until tomorrow
Tell them right away

Fake friends here again
Pretending to help but hurt
Back stabbing lowlife

Please take me with you
Your dreams are better than mine
Escape together

Life forever lost
There’s no trust at any cost
Love’s a holocaust

The pain is just right
Getting deeper every day
Sleep is optional

Things only get worse
Hope is misleading again
Go back to bed now

Do not let me live
End the curse thrust upon me
Do it quickly please

There is no one there
Speaking to the wall again
No place left to go

I’m waving for help
Everyone looks and smiles
They can’t be bothered

Life is too much fun
Things are going fantastic
Fuck those who need help

They don’t ever hear
They listen only for show
They speak for themselves

Don’t pay attention
Do only the minimum
Always turn them down

The present is lost
I know you love hating me
Nothing matters much

Truth doesn’t matter
Nobody cares for justice
If its not for them

Everything is fine
Is their one common lie line
They tell themselves now

Forget about them
They don’t matter anyway
Lowlife human waste

Whisper in my ear
Tell me you love me again
Then get the fuck out

Unlimited life
Imagine imagining
Wonderful wonder

Enjoy your long life
Forget that I existed
Until you need help

I will not be there
You’ll realize when it’s too late
When they target you

Turn your eyes downward
It’s easy being evil
Just do nothing much

You are my best friend
I hate being around you
Pain follows always

When you are around
The darkness is afraid
You will replace it

I’m my own best friend
Nobody else understands
Speaking is futile

I am here to help
Tell me to please go away
Better off alone

The Feds are watching
Every step you make and take
Big brother is here

Lost in the city
They only see what they see
Blinders work wonders

You are unaware
Everything here is tarnished
Nothing left to shine

Please let me die soon
The pain will then go away
Nothing left to feel

That empty you feel
Is me under your pale skin
Trying to get out

Your advise is null
Actions speak louder than words
Your voice is silent

Easy excuses
Any one will work for you
Brush everyone off

Enjoy being free
Some of us are still a slave
Stick head deep in sand

Nothing matters much
It only hurts when I breathe
Soon the pain will end

There once was a boy
He couldn’t blink more than once
Once he became blind

My stomach turns sick
When I think of being you
Ignoring the good

Tell me how love feels
Just keep the experience
To yourself for now

I know you are there
Waiting for my next failure
Then you can rejoice

I look all around
There are people everywhere
Invisible me

Love and light for some
Pain and suffer for others
Invisible wall

Writing poetry
Not because I enjoy it
Nothing else matters

If you really care
Step out of your comfort zone
Listen to their words

Travel plans this year
Go nowhere and do nothing
Easily achieved

Ignorance is bliss
Tell someone that you need them
Watch them disappear

No no no no no
No no no no no no no
No no no no no

There is no family
All for none and none for all
Endless nothingness

Like is all I want
My heart isn’t broken
It just isn’t there

No need to ask why
They think they know the answers
Questions unwelcome

Life’s an adventure
For some it’s first class seating
For others it’s hell

When the end is near
You will be left all alone
All will perish soon

When they come for you
Will there be anyone left?
Your war is on now

All joking aside
There is nothing funny here
Smile till it hurts

Heaven doesn’t care
Hell won’t let me back inside
Go dancing instead


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