S.C.R.E.A.M. for P.e.a.c.e.

Listen to interview with inventor, quantum physicist and film maker, Adam Michael Curry, as we discuss his quantum technology inventions (below) and consciousness in the 21st. Century.

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Portable : Adaptable : Responsive

The REG-1 represents the latest in quantum technology widely available for public use. Now anyone with a home computer can participate in The Aethersphere Experiment and explore the direct impact of consciousness on the art world.

About REGsAbout REGs

There are no limits to how you use the Psyleron REG-1. It is simultaneously a research instrument, a personal development and exploration tool, and possibly the next generation of computer technology that interfaces machines directly to human consciousness. The kit comes with a variety of software and tools to help you utilize your REG-1.

Psyleron REG-1 SoftwarePsyleron REG-1 Software

L I T E   E D I T I O N
Order the REG-1 Lite
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