Singular Emotional Hue

A singularity is the last stop

questionable emotional vortex

the anti-quark is equal reaction

being human tissue is not seeing

being is a verb and a true pronoun

everything is red, green, blue in ultra hue

daydreams come true when you are asleep

do be do be goo do good be good too

nothing exists without another it

a unique personality is rare.


One response to “Singular Emotional Hue

  1. I live in a house of my own making…
    There are no doors or no windows…
    The floors are bare and the wind rushes up to meet my cold face

    There are no chairs in this box…
    I’m up in a room with cracks in the ceiling…
    But, I live.

    The light filters in through the rips in the rooftop
    I can’t tell tell which is the rain and which is the teardrop…
    I scratch at the plaster, I fall down exhausted

    I live
    I live in a house of my own making…
    I say what I want to say

    I sleep here with no shades
    I wake up every night
    Thinking past every heartbeat….

    I live in a house of my own making
    You be what you want to be…
    I live…

    (not very loosely adapted from “I Live” by Hilary)

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