Axonic Mylonic Maze

We are in essence two separate yet equal conscious selves
your conscious is who we perceive to have a name and is social
two interconnected half’s forming our ying-yang sphere-like union
your unconscious is half of the whole residing in the dream realm
the foundational banks of your conscious lay at the unconscious level
this is hidden with invisible perception in the engramatic memory vault
creatively unusual juxtapositions can lead to ultra spontaneous neurogenisis
there are ten spacial dimensions of reality according to the latest quantum physics
therefore we must have ten dimensions of perception in order for them to be perceived
the quantum conscientiousness that i practice works with gravity like we understand it or not.

Picture a triangle or pyramid with three equidistant levels and each with their own slot
these levels process like a factory our engrams as they are emotionally received
are you alone when thinking to yourself or is there something to metaphysics
when you decide to speak how long does it take to form your hypothesis
stay in the now and let instinctual athersphereic guides be at fault
like holding the hand of your unself wearing the halo from a devil
dreamtime while the unconscious takes over the cerebral helm
establishing an equilibrium of order of our reality illusion
the conditional probability of you’re being anti-social
bias is free will varyance pulled from the shelves.

Thoughtful actions effect a dualistic relative reality
respond to influence by programing your environment
collective minds connect via the transubstantiation station
for each three levels there is a collective aethrspeheric light link
all living things are connected through a creative quantum topology
your environmental influences determine how high engrams carry a charge
effective use of your right to real free will is nurturing your only engram field
practitioners of zen have known this for centuries and can now prove it with math
dreams are your un-conscous processing experiential data captured throughout the day
instead of dancing with feet the unself gets high on acetylcholine and rapidly moves the eyes.

We are a semi-conscious subconscious and unconscious who seamlessly dovetail and tandemize
the conscious is when we perceive we are awake and making decisions to go or to stay
subconscious interference with the wrong environment can stimulate senses of wrath
electrochemical simulations are rapidly transversing the axonic mylonic maze shield
subconscious minds process morning harvests to help the conscious enlarge
presynaptic neuronic engrams harvested while dreaming of the hypocrisy
unconsciousness is awake and realize when remming away while in sync
media consuming and observing a distorted reality for the duration
our unconscious self is an opposite sex in my case she’s a cunt
this explains why almost everyone is a bit gay qeeriously.


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