11 Requested Valentine Haikus: 5-7-5

dry rain sky walker
writing the mind scape future
four win forever

everyday spacial
self falling love relational
strong for ultra long

inspirbacon fudge
hookey with we insane brane
calefacient emotion

spontaneous create
express and communicate
grain surfing fate

embering enclave
relationship bliss arrive
dark random skin play

cupid sick prick pricks
entropic aether lifespan
reasoning image

sugar pouring daze
happy girl teabag dance days
springingly fun maze

everyone gets hurt
searching for marry jane
malevolent undertones

girl kissing open
happy warmth from within us
tender effection

Always seeking truth
abandoning adulthood
doing it smoovely

unknown between doors
blah blah wanntsta know blah blah
strange trippin truckin



Fuzed Bacon & Fudge



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