Demotional Paranoiac Projections

The push for knowledge organizes the chaos,
concepts and poetics bring structure to nonsense,
mirror stage aggression and intensive deformative images,
pregenerative in motion yet still the best defense.

The analysis is over when you can talk about yourself,
writing to the other in an interjected and un-wielding voice,
give yourself over to the flux of misrecognized narration,
being the ‘I’ is a little freaky with self mockery as a choice.

Familiar relationships can grow sticky and mapable,
different dimensions of psychic gifts identify the self-hurting,
images from the uncanny valley are really about the gaze,
visualizing the reflected fragmentation and being reassuring.

The demotional players obsess with paranoiac fixation,
quality threesomes are more compelling than a draft,
a stagnant and loaded absolute image is repeating,
spectaclized double blind projections are a craft.

The prostitute mother has brutal tentative jumps,
lead the glossing over of the compelling intensifier,
unreadability and haunting residue of the characters,
grinding gears are shifting the subconscious to desire.


2 responses to “Demotional Paranoiac Projections

  1. I got as far as reading the uncanny valley and it inspired little me to write a poem …. Thank You

  2. This is like the third Dali image I’ve randomly seen today! Strange… Excellent piece DB! Especially love 2nd stanza & reference to the uncanny valley…

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