Angelicate Bitten Cure

You’re so gorgeous i can do nothing in vain
can be so un-perfect you make the right rain
cannot kiss your feet or ever get ahead again
you make us un-hungry being so much good pain.

Everything you dare to do is darkly irresistible
being is wonderful while stuck inside your glue
everything you are is bitterly-sweet kissable
feeling simple elegance while breathing in you.

You run around in circles and take away breath
making us want to eat you up while being dreamy
hugging you inside till we both find true death
you turn our dark world upside down and creamy.

You make things seem too good to be very un-true
everything you want to do is dangerously delicate
hooked and smitten while being cooked and bitten
even while being very bad you’re quite angelicate.


Inspired by “Why Can’t I Be You”¬† The Cure


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