Favorite Dish Wish

I give into sin with everything within,
I find myself alone again once and for all freely.
Fascination for everything you grew times ten,
when you came to me so helplessly.

I don’t know what sound you are,
please tune it to the top fun.
I’ll dance with you alone under a star,
until the break of dawn.

I really don’t love you but like is not the word,
you will lose control and have to stay.
With my hands on your flesh time will fly like a bird.
my persuasive ways are beyond what they say.

With you on top there’s nothing else on stage,
you can’t escape if there is no barrier.
i’m like a virus of pleasure and rage,
you are the willing carrier.

Take everything off there is no need to deal,
you are about to be granted a wish.
It’s my wish too for our very next meal,
and you are my favorite dish.


One response to “Favorite Dish Wish

  1. Eat me up deadman
    Before I change my mind
    And tell me more lies, if you can
    Then, I’ll eat your in kind

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