Dream Valentine

I need you so bad I’m all empty without you.
I know it’s an impossible dream to do.
The dream makes me feel extraordinarily new.
I don’t think I could handle the real and whole you .

My heart will stop beating,
the moment you touch my hand.
My eyes will start melting,
and blood turn to sand.

You are always so beautiful too,
I still can’t tell how you look when I see.
If I had only one wish I would give it to you,
and pray that you make it for me.

A midnight sound check on your vocal cords from me,
with the rest of your strings to follow,
I’ll tune you up and then turn you on,
pick you up and play you till dawn.

Giving you pleasure is all that I live for,
wherever we’ve finished with one to do.
You’ve got another one coming,
or maybe even three or two.

I don’t care what you think of me,
just treat me like your private whore.
With the bill paid well in advance,
now and forever more.

Whip me, beat me, lick me,
screw me and come all over my snout.
Tell me you love me a thousand times,
pick up your things and then get the fuck out.


One response to “Dream Valentine

  1. loved reading this and esp the last line
    spoken like a true whore
    this one made me smile 🙂

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