Writers Block

If you really want to know her soul vile,
be brave enough to scratch the surface.
Tearz always know how to make her smile,
she could never mind your being debase.

Her sensitivities lay on the bed with a sigh,
she should know they are woeful like mine.
I can cheer up when life starts getting high,
her hugs are soothing and almost feel fine.

She is wondering about a mystery meeting,
what would happen with me fully addicted.
To be a high grade junkie initiated heating,
sleeping in your pores keeps me elevated.

The tattoo on my back shines on your face,
when you’re seeing the new suspension dots.
The directional speed you are inspired to race,
up anything and awaiting your anxious thoughts.

My blood stains on your lips were well worth the fall,
when the soul fails to comply emptiness fills with vacancy.
Time will die and love will fly as you lay at my feet and crawl,
with beauty in the eyes you’re drowning in the stench of my poetry.


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