11 i Then Wishes

i wish i was an incurable alcoholic,
then i could forever experience aa rhetoric.

i wish i had a cancer of the something,
then would come the real sympathy sting.

i wish i was an addicted drug addict,
then i could enjoy the trip while i’m at it.

i wish i could be just about anyone else or anybody,
then none of this would be my scathing reality.

i wish i was covered in scars from head to toe,
then for it i would have something to show.

i wish i was once again the good kind of happily insane,
then i wouldn’t notice or at least enjoy the pain.

i wish i was blinded by a painful eye wring,
then the seeing would end and my mind could sing.

i wish i could experience something again besides the grit,
then anything would matter at least a micro bit.

i wish the emotional leeches would all just go away,
then the hurt would go with them and stay.

I wish we were something like a real friend,
then it wouldn’t end when i forget to press send.

i wish someone would invent or discover my remedy,
then i could recover from being the one and only me.


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