Velvety Blind Bay Visions

Your dreaming blind visions are now mine,
you make ink stains disappear with a wish,
pulsating against empty walls of our time,
intermittently dumb and electric like jellyfish.

huge steamboat windows beaten by foamy billows,
your aether eclipses the moon with sulfuric vapors,
rushing crowds of wicked brides come in multitude,
we’re deliriously greedy for cheer feasts and fears.

velvety lips will ravenously kiss lavishly everywhere,
ancient shadows of vague fears plod along darkness,
frantic steps chase each other down the damp alleys,
confused filthy drunkards are all revelries from afarless.

your furtive moans of laughter will fade away the fog,
it darkened outside when your gaze was realized,
you drink in my rain when our eyes are glazed,
naked skins energize the storm in our skys.

thousands of chills awaken the burn inside,
arrogant hands strike the damp caresses,
my infected mind is now of your flesh,
pieces of the evenings torn dresses.

rocked by tremulous midnights and lazy waves,
your scent satiates the SF bay,
while turning tugboats into silk float raves,
pale fragments of opal decay,
in their very own reflection of graves.

the sea will grow shallow as a cup,
our livid dawn will soak it up.

From the siren across the sea:

Cieche visioni.
Macchie d’inchiostro scompaiono, a tratti, sulle pareti, e pulsano a intermittenza,
mute ed elettriche come meduse.
Dalla finestra, enormi battelli sbattuti da
onde schiumose e lune eclissate dentro vapori sulfurei.
Accorrono in folla le spose maledette, ebbre e ingorde,
a rallegrare feste, a banchettare, ovunque a elargire baci famelici con labbra di velluto.

Sagome incerte di antiche paure arrancano nel buio e passi veloci si inseguono nei vicoli midi.
Da lontano, confusi bagordi di lerci ubriaconi, risate furtive e gemiti si perdono nella nebbia.
E fuori, fuori dove? A occhi chiusi bevo la pioggia.
L’energia del temporale sulla pelle nuda, percorsa da mille scosse.
Carezze di mani arroganti risvegliano il bruciore del tuo marchio infetto nella mia carne iva, e i morsi delle sere trascorse.
Intanto la notte, cullata dai futti molli e tremolanti,
annega nella Baia, dove galleggiano profumi di seta e pallidi
frammenti di opale si dissolvono nel proprio riflesso.
Dall’altra parte del mare, un’alba livida si impregna di noi.


Blind visions.
Ink stains disappear, at times, against the walls and pulsate, intermittently,
dumb and electric like jellyfish. From the window,
huge steamboats beaten by foamy billows and moons eclipsed into sulfuric vapors.
Rushing crowds of wicked brides come in multitude, delirious and greedy, to cheer feasts, nd banquet, and lavish ravenous kisses everywhere, with their velvety lips.

Vague shadows of ancient fears plod along in the dark and frantic steps chase each other own the damp alleys. From afar, confused revelries of filthy drunkards, furtive laughter nd moans fade in the fog.
And outside, outside wre? With my eyes closed, I drink the rain.

The energy of the storm all over my naked skin, struck by thousands of chills. Caresses of arrogant hands awaken the burn of your infected mark in my bare flesh, and the bites of passed evenings.

Meanwhile the night, rocked by lazy and tremulous waves, drowns into the Bay, where they float scents of silk, and pale fragments of opal dissolve in their very own reflection.

On the other side of the sea, a livid dawn is soaked with us.


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