Ten Black Door Wishes

What if there were someone’s there,
who wanted to know what I wished for?
Ready or not here it comes from long hard wear,
ten whispered wishes from behind the Black Door.

A black leather belt for a 34″ waist,
to wear with a suit made for a him.
A black mock turtle neck sweater,
with leather shoulder pads 44″ long and slim.

A rain coat made of suede,
black or gray and custom made.
A cool new client from the Universe,
going forward sideways and reverse.

A new friend who likes to talk in person,
about the same stuff I do and know about.
To continue writing bad poetry about things,
once it’s posted your mind won’t let it out.

A place to put a fish tank that’s mine,
sleeping alone with a glorious view.
A bag of gray t-shirts with various design,
be sure to include a few for you too.

A silver lining around my quanta reality,
to alter everyone’s perception of me.
Your favorite bottle of aromatic immorality,
you provide the scent and the man I’ll be.


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