Neo Holiday Jeer

The holidays are here and it’s time to ignore,
all that is wrong with all of the unpleasants.
It’s easy to do with really good food,
great entertainment and lots of presents.

Homeless is up and so is the crime,
it has nothing to do with what’s on the books.
It’s those who scribe the laws with their built in flaws,
who are the true villains and wealthy crooks.

Try to help those who need your heed,
before your friends but I know that’s a task.
Remember those unlike you is why you are who,
while drinking from your golden hip flask.

There is no need to proceed to the alter and kneel,
praying that nothing and every one else matters.
You know what you want is a room full of wrappings,
with people who praise you and regularly flatters.

Those who should be sharing in the annual bounty,
is the reason the season should be so dear.
To those not so fortunate to have privilege with birth,
should go many presents from the good year.

There really is no santa clause or a virgin birth,
but they are very much present none the less.
Any reason is good enough for a season,
that brings good cheer and a new shirt or dress.

We’ve gone astray from the fray so much that there is no more core.
It’s been replaced with digital space and our favorite stores that we adore.
You can’t give it unless you’ve got it so emerge from behind the Black Door.
The time has come to open up and sell to the rich while giving to the poor.


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