Neither is More

Neither is More Artistic but that’s not really the reason for the case
Neither is More Charismatic each with one a unification face
Neither is More Cocky but they hold their own and set the quick pace
Neither is More Cool because they’ve been to the top and can see the whole race

Neither is More Into Drugs but it really depends on which
Neither is More Energetic and neither has an off or on switch
Neither is More Friendly and each can be a son of a bitch
Neither is More Good and each come with their own little hitch

Neither is More Mathematically Inclined and wants something that’s sold
Neither is More Verbally Inclined and spying each other for yearning yet untold
Neither is More Desiring of Love and each having a brand new mold
Neither is More Old-Fashioned with one of them a new surrealistic adventure mode

Neither is More Confident because with them around there’s no need to vote
Neither is More Seriousness because that went out on an Etherflow boat
Neither is More Spontaneous when I am the fire and you are the stoke
Neither is More Political because it’s all just a sad and sorry old joke

Neither is More Romantic because Rome isn’t what it once was
Neither is More Competitive except when it comes to rubbing the fuzz.

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