Lyndall Nugent

Lyndall has a familiar last name and she’s not related to Ted,
she dropped her dryer in the swirling liquid net.
Lucky for us all her head in the clouds is why she didn’t get dead,
she’s a little bit clumsy and a real space cadet.

To her a debate is always between dumb & dumbers,
the movie espouses her probable political view.
Butterflies and baby’s are two of her favorite numbers,
you may as well throw in a niece and nephew or two.

Her small face and large head is because her noggin is in the stars,
who can blame her for that it’s way better than the gutter or the bars.
If she’s read this far she must have a little thing for the far out and a little strange,
her fiance is a lucky man with a very bright future for the length of the range.

Please consider this an engagement present to you two,
I don’t know where you are or what will come to be.
Please be happy to the both of you too,
from the dark little part of me.


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