February-Fourteen Twenty-Ten

Jules would love a poem,
make it quick and sparkely,
She’s soon to be wed away,
losing the last name Barkeley.

Janelle wants it to be me me me,
she is usually very often right.
Still figuring out what to think of me,
she knows Jules and Jules knows Boatright.

Raven flyes in a different cult circle,
over the Hill and into freelance merge.
A poem she thinks would be lovely,
from the asylem we share with Derge.

Caroline waived me down from around,
like a taxi with the next fare free.
Whatever the cost count me in till downtown,
I am suck free and here too please Heme.

Christina is from the left coast just like me,
sweet and sleek like a porsche carrera.
A makeup virtuoso and still says please,
everyone likes to hear yes from Genarra.

Naina is a mystery the forces at large,
everyone is on stage as a factor.
I rarley do what is expected and think,
if I provide the theory can the math be done by Akter ?


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