Clarifying Brain Static

A moment of clarity,
is coming your way.
Why not now,
it’s New Year’s Day.

From the eyes,
with a slanted view.
You think it’s me,
but really it’s you.

Show them the way,
then let them go.
Don’t turn to say goodbye,
we never said hello.

Life is so surreal,
or so they say.
What’s the big deal ?
if you don’t know the way.

The words are there,
you only read alone.
Like digits and static,
on your brain phone.

The mask isn’t because,
I have nothing to hide.
It is only what he does,
the need to rescue ride.

The Aethershphere is right in glide,
the analogue waves stopped growing.
We will soon be charge free and unified,
plugged-in digital and all knowing.

There is way more around us,
we can only begin to understand.
Surfing digital waves only gets better,
when you dream walk static in hand.



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