12 ‘I Wonders’

I wonder what you think of me,
sometimes when I think of you.
I wonder how you’ll tend to be,
when I do what you ask me to.
I wonder how I’ll want you when,
putting everything in whatever I do.
I wonder how many smiles I’ll get,
when we blend and make them new.

I wonder if this cute fantasy is a little silly,
reality is really much deeper stark.
I wonder what you would really think,
standing next to me in the well lighted dark.
I wonder if everything will ever be perfect or right,
if life had a gear mine would be the red one in Park.
I wonder how long it will take for the bubble to burst,
with the thirst for the night your own fountain landmark.

I wonder if I wrote to in Italian,
would it come back to me ?
l wonder if I climbed up a to a tree top,
how high would I have to be,
before you told me to come back and stop.
I wonder what’s out there in the Aethersphere,
influencing everything we do think and see.
I wonder if the worlds we already know,
will reveal to us what we are intended to be.



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