10,000 Volt Thighs

I love it when it hurts,
especially when it’s for you.
Like a 10,000 jolt of megahertz,
together we will aetherial dew.
Up and then down into the flirtz,
like you need me I need you too.

Dancing till dawn even when we sleep,
we don’t even need a place to go.
Tell me what I need to know too reep,
if they are truth or lies I’m in it for the show.
A surprise from me to you skimming the deep,
a precious reprise of your melted snow.

When the hour is high with my squinted eyes,
I can finally hear the silence stop.
The time is crawling closer as you realize,
with darkness nearing my favorite spot.
The voltage is in between the lace thighs,
in my 13th dimension you’re nothing but hot.



One response to “10,000 Volt Thighs

  1. One of my favorites!!! You have that ability to put words together poetically and create images that send tingles up my spine — no matter the genre 🙂

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