Undeserving Meaningless Perfection

reading is sexy


Studious beauty under the dome,
looking as if you’ve lost your way home.
Though just over there you are far from my reach,
if you want me to learn take me and teach.

I’m hiding in plain sight,
with my lonely disguise.
It’s only when I am gone,
will you then realize.

The curls of your hair,
graced the banks of your face.
You turned and almost looked,
causing my heart to skip pace.

I could never ever be,
worthy of your undivided affection.
You deserve nothing less,
than meaningful soul perfection.

I’ve got nothing left to give,
but what’s left of my being.
That’s just not enough,
everyone is clearly seeing.

I would like nothing more,
than a friendly smile.
If it were from you to me,
I would crawl a raining mile.

Please just read this poem,
from it take a meaningless clue.
When you feel something you like,
pretend i made it just for you.

I don’t know how it will work,
is it just not worth the cry ?
I feel destined to love from afar,
from now until the moment I die.


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