Spoken and Spelled

There is a New Life stepping still on the shady streets,
we watched everyone around turn into a stranger,
you think you only know me when you turn on the lights,
now the red room is darkly lit with our real danger.

Our newness is complicated & circulating in an operated & generated life,
transitioning to another place so our time here will pass more slowly,
like a film i’ve never seen show me your hidden face as if it were out of sight,
features fuse together and your shadow’s a thick dark red glowely.

The road leading to nowhere is long with a stranger behind the door,
standing still stepping on the shady streets and becoming another stranger,
before the nowhere questions are answered the same is something different,
you only know me when you think to turn on the lights and now i’m your red danger.

There are new sounds all around and you can feel it getting too hot,
I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead like right now and that will never stop,
turn away the new day just for me and you dancing on the radio,
wipe away the tears from last night and say that you have to go.

We know where you go but don’t want to know why you lie,
it feels too right knowing that we’ll be dancing with you all the time,
you say that it’s from above and we say this is modern cry,
meet me again in the back street to say goodbye and commit a crime.

Do you ever get that feeling that your head is reeling with you in control,
you now now me and know that i can move and soothe you without a bed,
like Puppets we can take our places in different ways you won’t understand,
with you in control i will be your operator while we share the same head.

Watch your actions close the reactions with everything you’re thinking,
conversation about my creation has nothing to do with you unless i said,
you now know the consequences of the things you say and tried doing,
things you tried to do and all the words that melted before they were said,
only part of us is starting and you can no longer stop me from being.

You don’t understand that this is a demand for a twink show,
look inside and try to go for a ride through the day and night,
getting to know where Boys meet and get together for a blow,
don’t Say forever or the word no and run away if you stray right,
when you Go close a door the end is the same as our tomorrow,
rain pain and sorrow are surly part of the all boys high flight.

The picture we saw of you playing the part you are,
sometimes we wonder if you’re really taking a chance,
a thousand watts inside you taking this life way too far,
this ain’t Nodisco and you don’t know how to dance,

Move me to a disco and don’t let go of part one,
act like everyone is pretending and this is a story,
reaching the end always makes everyone happy,
when you’re taking a chance you feel a little whory.

Watching you walking the streets sometimes,
at midnight we can feel you in the air gritty,
looking good we know you like rhymes,
all the time we understood you so pretty.

Everybody seems to look your way now,
hey they want to know What’s Your Name,
feeling just right tonight and with a wow,
hey we get together for a night of the same.

We can go together but never know,
the nights together we can stand,
the things we need to show.

A white house with a white room and the program of today,
maps represent you and the tape is your voice following along,
turn the lights on by flicking a switch when your eyes are far away,
you recognize the choice till i take Photographic pictures with song.

Bright lights in a dark room are needed to write a letter,
never take the time to look for the day to mesmerize the light,
years were spent just thinking of a moment we both knew,
a second you just for me seems too bad to be true or quite right.

They were raining from the sky and exploding in my heart,
from the skies you can hear them cry about our Tora,
i had a nightmare only yesterday and you played the skeleton
in the town they were going down to find a Tora,
is this a love in disguise or just a form of modern art,
in the town they were going down to bury a Tora,
you took my love and died that day while i played the American.

The Big Muff of silence remembered all the shadows and our doubts,
vivid blank pictures in our film are like standing next to an empty wall,
still nights are a small affair with relapses of closing the nightclub door,
when you speak we watch you move away and always seem to fall.

She is hoping to forget the moment and almost slips away,
we need to change the words we are liking and reading,
when the colours move apart Any Second Now you’ll want to stay,
as you touch my hand understand this message is a warning.

When I’m with you baby we must go out of our head,
we Just Can’t Get Enough of getting enough of you,
all of the things you do to me and everything you said,
we slip and slide as we fall in love with the things we do.

We walk together as we’re walking down the street,
we just can’t get enough of getting enough of you,
every time we think of you we know we have to meet,
it’s getting hotter with burning love and morning dew.

When it rains pain you’re shining down for me,
we just can’t get enough of getting enough of you,
just like a rainbow you know you set my fire free,
you taste like an angel while giving me your love true.

The film was broken when the man switched the light,
night fused with tomorrow dancing with a distant friend,
filming and screening the picture of our scene at twilight,
Dreaming and filming about something we can transcend.

We left understanding so cleancut we’re sounding fast,
quickly remember and fuse then see a face before the fall,
talking of sad war we laughed and climbed the rising cast,
timing the reason with understanding of the association hall.

Shouts from the factory are running secretly through my head,
like the blood-wine in the darkroom scene of a past reunion,
ringing you on the telephone silently as if you were dead,
from a cracked window resurrect the feeling of submission.

A seven year long letter has been composed as tall as a tree,
like the city and air we breathe while reading the wall of emissions,
recall dancing like children before meeting our feat of efficiency,
the Ice Machine stood before me once again with her face full of visions.

Like the girl on TV she was trying to act silent and knowing when to say,
wishing for a moment that we can see ourselves staring into the night.
your picture in my room leads me to write a new set of lines every day,
break away and understand tonight i need your hand until we’ve got it right.

Carefully Shout while watching and waiting standing upon the backs of streets,
we started to play by screaming louder as the curtains fell between us in a twisted way,
staring into the night with a picture in my room that in between reveals her fine beats,
placing questions in the minutes of a game we won so long ago and want to stay,
beautifully dangerous the radio transmissions are known to be full of deceits,
never run away or try to stay because you belong with me as your prey.


Transmogrified from ‘Speak and Spell’ by Depeche Mode


3 responses to “Spoken and Spelled

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  2. This is a masterpiece. When I read it, it feels like an echoing of inside places that have been living and twisting since first hearing the elementary sounds of Mode. In a very interesting way, these words speak and spell to a deeper part of my being than the album has ever been able to.

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