Skin Peeling Hate

I built a pile with all of your things,

then set it on fire with gasoline.


Who are you now with nothing to show?

No one to show it to and nowhere to go?


We beg that you throw yourself on top of your stuff,

doing it right now is not nearly soon enough.


I wish you weren’t here inside my head,

peeling off your own skin until you are dead.


Everyone hates you and even your guts,

it does not matter that you’re totally nuts.


It would make us feel better if you’d just go and die.

we’re not alone on this so go ahead and try.


It’s obvious we hate you and there’s nothing left to say,

when I close my eyes do anything but stay.


I never knew sorrow until you entered my life,

I never could love you so please hand me the knife.


I’ll cut out your tongue and nail it to the floor,

you’re nothing to me now not even a whore.


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