Shifting Reality Keys


The tearing you are feeling is the lioness inside,
she senses me here now and is no longer willing to hide.

It’s only dirty when you do it with bad intent,
cleaning your clock until she shines for that I’ve been sent.

I’m unraveling your mind in a seductive proposal,
it’s intoxicating and addictive and at your disposal.

Pretty girls are easy to get why is another story,
give me first a beautiful mind and then it’s worth the glory.

You are standing naked cocked and loaded for wrong,
I am here with two double barrels serenading your birthday song.

I will strip you down all the way to the deepest bone,
it’s only when this is done will you fully understand alone.

Then you will be ready for my hand in the full dance,
once we are of one mind there will be nothing left to chance.

My primary aspiration is to captivate the mind,
the body only gets to come sometime after this find.

It’s not always that everyone else gets their way,
all that it takes is for neither of us to do but to each want to say.

I usually dance alone in the corner to Depeche Mode and Thievery Corporation.
from the sound of your profile we already listen to some of the same station.

I’ve nothing left to give but what’s deep down inside.
the rest of the world took everything else and didn’t bother to share the ride.

I would like someone to notice my actions with a bit of care.
from a safe distance I must insist to begin is as close as I ever dare.

Behind the illusion of a prince charming veil I no long wish to glide,
when I need it and reach out for hands I don’t want yours to hide.

Perfection from a distance is easy like slicing melted cheese,
reality will reveal itself when you ask me to shift your keys.

I can promise you nothing if we ever met,
I assure you of this what you read is what you get.


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