Shifting Broken Keys

My sunshades are broken,
they only let me see you.
Drunk with observation,
only you will want to do.

With me you have no choice,
but to question what is reality.
What you found is a voice,
that’s really another shiftkey.

The sky is full of stars,
to show us there are others.
Good and evil are within us all,
everyone gets their druthers.

Civilization is metamorphic,
when we are on the path.
It is us that they follow,
with love wrapped in wrath.

The mind is essential,
for us to have meaning.
Without having that first,
there will be no leaning.

Paradigm shifting is what I enjoy,
along with dancing on the floor.
Expanded perception shared with others,
i’m yearning to have and sometimes adore.



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