It Depend$

i am no longer an option,
for you to fall back on.
The empty you now feel inside,
is the part of me that’s gone.

i felt so alone,
with you by my side.
It was as if,
i had run and hide.

You never loved me,
i could tell from your friends.
If ever asked what they thought of me,
they would only answer ‘It depends $$’.

You picked up your things,
and sold what was mine.
i gave you everything I had,
received little in return but time.

Please don’t remember me,
or the things I’ve done for you.
Oh wait, you can’t do that,
everything you did I did for you too.

i am so much more happy,
without you in my life.
Your unrealistic high expectations,
are no longer part of my strife.

If i gave you the entire Ocean floor,
you would also want the pump.
Oh wait, i did do that and was right once more.
i used to think you were only a cunt,
now I can add fucking whore.


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