Brandi Adams

Brandi is a mommy that adores her spawn,
let’s not forget she’s a crazy mofo unfurled,
who’s greater than she was since last dawn,
more or less determined to take on our world.

A great opinion of her is undeniable from within,
if you do not believe me just ask her all about it,
she’s a hell of a worker and friend who’s all woman,
that’s tired of being treated like she amounts to shit.

She’s not a doormat and we’re not camping,
so wipe your filthy dirty mouth out with our feet,
karma has her back and our things are out evening,
there isn’t an unread book she doesn’t want to meet.

There is a disco ball in her car with plenty of sound reason,
watching the Adams Family and Natural Born Killers for fun,
to calm herself after displaying far too much aggression,
she likes to slowly disassemble and gently clean her gun.


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