Bending Negative Reality


Follow your instincts because they’re all you’ve got,
an educated guess is very possibly not.
When you’re thinking to yourself it’s like talking is it not?
it’s called second-guessing because the first wasn’t a thought.

It’s more than a flip of the universal coin,
progression towards the mean of the top 250.
With the proper perspective we’re still microscopic,
but think that we’re just really nifty.

A proper attitude is the curtain and we are on the stage,
doing it the hard way seems only right.
The stats tell us who and never answers why,
having some come by day and others by night.

It is no longer limited like an everyone spout,
the first sign is coincidence followed by the need to be pious.
Confirmation prejudice and the butterfly effect is looking from the inside out,
we now all have our own public image through the negative expectancy bias.

Look around and see who makes the you you know,
they want you to be someone they’re not and say it’s part of a trend.
We’re doing what we’re doing and don’t even say no,
it’s more important than anything your own reality can we bend.


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