Far And Near Simultaneously

From where are you coming,
it doesn’t really matter.
The only thing that does,
we get to be B.A.D.der.

Stop second guessing,
everything done and said.
Whatever you think of yourself,
everyone ends up alone and dead.

Saying the right thing,
almost always feels wrong.
Because we’ve been listening,
to all but one song.

The one we only hear,
when alone in the dark.
It frightens like a fear,
but really it’s a spark.

It’s impossible for anything,
to ever beat the odds.
That’s why they’re there,
to remind us we’re clods.

We try to decide,
what the right thing is.
Simple stats tell us,
we all blow at biz.

The rational mind,
will make mostly bad choices.
The answer is to write,
with all your inner voices.


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