Transverse our Multiverse

Lifelong thoughts are bound in multiverse,
a book written by hand and ready to expand,
colliding quanta without a hadron to transverse,
my theory of 13 dimensions for you to understand.

Everything is part of a system and works in some way together,
all interlocking in an aetherspher with relative butterfly effecting,
possibly maybe someday we could write part of it together,
two minds idea creating and in between poetically mating.

This is what brought me to be part of the continuum,
could there really be others who think this warped way maybe ?
my needing is for hot intensive & instead got a cold medium,
what my presence causes is hostility and more bad slavery.

Flirting with someone from reality is all very new to me,
it’s been so long since someone has listened to my song alone,
broken insides have burned down as well and striving to again see,
attacked just because wherever i go and have learned to think at home.

Despite my appearance i am really quite weak and not very good at doing stuff,
if there is any losing to do it has my name all over it covered in others druel,
leisurely impossible every moment of my existence is excruciatingly rough,
i really just want to be the worst of the best and join part of a school.

My pockets are empty as well as my soul with everyone demanding more,
there is no place to turn or anything to goal because all i do is wrong,
there is nothing left to pick but scabs so i hide behind my thick black door,
there’s nothing more avoidable than a broken dead beat poet with no song.

The damage i have endured is very real and ongoing right now,
my leaky life boat has been drifting in open water and manned,
mating with your mind has begun the long healing vow,
liking the real behind me is something i can’t understand.

What you think of me can’t be correct,
an intriguing mystery maybe nice to explore,
my words may dazzle but i am really a big wreck,
your words bring me hope i’m not something to abhor.



3 responses to “Transverse our Multiverse

  1. Aw. It’s expansive, and then it’s deeply personal. It’s sharp, and then it’s soft as fur. It’s big, and then it’s only you. It’s beautiful, and great picture too. It calls for love.

  2. Interesting how so many of own thoughts and feelings can be expressed by somebody I don’t know and have never met.

    In the constant struggle to achieve, succeed and strive to be the best I am left,

    Wondering why at best I am jostled, at worst shoved out of the way by people’s busy lives.

    As World wide, gunshots rain down on our ear drums in this race to keep us running

    But I think (Although I might not always feel) that so long as there is air to breath and the sun keeps rising, I am not done.

    Being alive is not the same as living and the only opinion that really matters is your own.

    – CL

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