Succeed Drunk

My life is over,
for whatever it was worth,
A short gust of wind,
upon this dead Earth.

I wish I was dead,
or at least sedated.
Living life sane,
is way over-rated

I wish I had you,
or someone to adore.
All that I have,
is a blanket on the floor.

I will never know,
the embrace of a stranger.
With a smile in their heart,
without fear of deranger.

Tearing apart your love,
a bloddy piece at a time.
You alway get what you deserve,
and usually take what is mine.

I’m really different,
please don’t believe me.
You smile for everyone but me,
then pretend you’re pretty.

I prefer to look at you,
not wearing my glasses.
I hear the single sound of your face,
breaking apart from the masses.

Too hip to cry,
two weak to stay,
Please come to me,
try it my way.

Just one chance,
is all that you need.
I’ll will offer you all I have,
if only if we can succeed.


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