Silver Blossom

Sara’s waters run deep and still,
murky depths of enlightenment bring,
with transmogrification as the deal,
continuous metamorphosis is beginning.

Welcome to the dark side of expanding creativity,
sleeve bearing heart getting stronger every day,
despite crushing boulders of betrayal tragedy,
her bright and shiny aura will lead the way.

True life expressions fire the romantic heart,
creative spirits leaping forth after dormancy,
inner challenges are beginning to fade and dart,
better now than never in our worlds of relativity.

Write what you know and don’t forget the pain,
momentary randomness of the nightmarish sort,
there is a dark blossom in everything gone inane,
another time and place you could dock in my port;

Damaged with healing fractures bouncing back fast,
we all sometimes need something to pound and pummel,
welcoming a challenge that is bound to be true north at last,
lay back honestly and trust no one advises wize Mz. Hummel.


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