Pseudoatypically Belesprit Aomi

Aomi is a little bit scattered and a subderisoriously graceful belesprit
like one of her kittens pretends to be after falling off her full shelf of books
she giggles when nervous which is more than often and has a cool mommy
a freakshow star for her third nipple is all she will reveal with first digital looks

majoring in adventure and archaeology was the first path that led to be a sounder
pulsating waves of transubstantiation and cool was more alluring than profound sense
swinging from sound studios d and c and 2 and 3 led to be an A1 freelancing bartender
schooled up across the sea then shared what was learned and sort of how to say the tense

exploring underground living in a global society was a thrill for only four months of foreign reign
freelancing and teaching little human kittys works quite well with her personality transparent
blissfully living a ménage à claw as a family of feline caffeine and a book for the slow train
Zarathustra questions all and Rembrandt shows us the way with their vision enhancement

the last month has been a mystery with friday found art to prove it pseudoatypically
a three year decision to stay has been made for the big ocean sandwater waves
so serious about being religiously agnostic she laughs about it quite openly
sitting on rooftops fingerpainting is what she does when she misbehaves.


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