Dancing Star Spitter

The heart of this poetess opens with lilacs strewn in bushels over the flat place
like three days afar and the light, dark, purple and white become one light
now home from Schi-town she dances at the sought after provocation pace
poetic writing time is essential for this commuminded integral socialite

her vision redefines what is beyond each horizon as the world gets smaller
waking up giggling and just for curiosities sake does a lot of pondering
shyness peeks through an open spirit that likes to play dance and holler
boldly soft spoken a willow-n-the-wind with big eyes when the moon is rising

the product of two art-lovers and trained observers of human behavior
the wipe out is welcome if the wave is worth the ride to fly like a bird
friendship flows like water from the moon and hope for a new savior
physical affection can be augmented with the written rhyming word

how you gauge what when you disrobe about the important things
let the veils dissolve like a warmed sugar coating that’s glistening

whose voice is it that tells you and i yes and or no do or don’t do it
the only logical and reliable guidance comes from our aetherspirit

kindly teaching spacetime and spacetime again while spitting stars
you will know with certainty all but the fading of your favorite scars.


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