Ultra Violet Pop-Sizzle

Violet’s hue is a tea-stained eyed rational-idealist,
healthily protected with a ferociously innocent heart,
would prefer barefoot and dancing to being a realist,
spiritually wild and desirous of intellectual bonds to start.

Extroverted and introvert with a much larger something,
Introverted and extroverted synonymously with laughing,
iNtuitive with integrity that seems like the sun is beaming,
Thinking like a good doctor fueled with the power of feeling,
Perceiving without judging comes with proper yoga meditating.

Please pass the tonic that’s empty of quiet flowing synthesis,
carving multiple entities of our dimensional awareness like a chisel,.
contemplating the indecipherable lightning gaze of a welcome antithesis,
here is your passport + to a pleasure-trove full of freestyle-ultra-pop-sizzle.


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