Please Let Me Down

Please let me down again,
because this time I’m waiting.
You think you’ve thought of everything again,
you never looked at my intelligence rating.

You think you are playing me and all of us,
we are laughing at you profusely.
The missionary position without you we will fuss,
a warm receiver you will not find within me.

The things you’ve yet said,
about our twisted view of weakness.
Swimming round my swirling red head,
without you liking them I’m only useless.

Blind carbon copies taking care of the world,
rearranging the solution of going nowhere.
The velvety taste of a pint of blood curled,
with me to care is the great double-dare.

The world outside does not exist,
in your mind or your fake smile.
Roughing up the smooth is what you do best,
with you I will walk the last mile.

I want to see with your blind eyes,
you can’t fool me any more times.
Being you being me made me realize,
I am you and you are me never rhymes.

The tears they stream on down my blank face,
leaving me alone and dead as always.
Washing away the shame of my race,
with pounding rhythm base and lazer light rays.

It’s never any good,
without you inside me,
I’m as wicked as you want,
as you command I will be.

Your tender body speaks,
my native tounge you feel inside.
One-way tenderness your body scent reeks,
I am the ticket you need to ride.

The stars they shine so bright,
to hear them tears at my nerves.
I never know from my wrong from right,
my perception is in seeking intimate swerves.

Please tonight don’t let me lose sight,
I only want to do it wrong.
Don’t ask me to fight,
during your very favorite song.

The competitive world holding so dear,
grins at your confidence within.
They are for themselves each and every year,
it’s no sin for us to begin.

There is no ride,
with my best friend.
I’m alone with myself,
to the very last end.

Shackled and bound,
dancing with the guild.
You pounded on my chest,
and now are my world.

You think that I’m a dream,
of a distant reality.
A long lost memory to gleam,
a now very real mality.

There is no concept of then,
we’re all flying so high.
My best friend let’s me down again,
There is no such thing as a bad high.



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