Martin Lee Gore

I’ve received two lessons,
from Martin Lee Gore.
The skill of rhyme,
and art of metaphor.

If it wasn’t for you,
my soul would be silent.
You’ve led me through a life-long dance,
with no need to ever be violent.

There is nothing in my power,
worthy of offering you in thanks.
But dance with you forever,
from afar in your ranks..


2 responses to “Martin Lee Gore

  1. I guess and understant it
    That lovely firendship matter
    That beauty of a style and
    Especially mood creatop.

    When rose is not on showder
    But in the heart its blossom
    And when the rose is harder
    Than what would cure the rawsome.

    Parade is not required
    But always comes as greeting.
    The stage is all admire
    And wreathed with a drum beat.


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