Please Choose Your Scar

Please choose the place on my tattooed body,
where you want to leave your scar.
The switch blade is sharpened up and rusting,
soon you won’t be too very far.

Please choose a blank space,
that i will see each and every day,
once you make your mark on my face,
you may find there is no reason to stay.

Please forgive me now from there,
for being a worthless dead beat poet,
because that is what i truly only am,
to prove it i have nothing to show for it.

Please understand there are no friends around,
they all left a long time ago,
there is very little left but rhyme with no song,
the only real word i ever hear often is no.

Please see through the dark and gray to the empty space,
try to get why lust to me is just another radical theory,
everything is counter intuitive because i’m broken inside and out,
just like extacy,  m, string and relativity.

Please don’t think i’m bragging,
because that’s not possible in my human race,
the only feelings i’m capable of,
are shame, fear, loathing and pitiful self -disgrace.

Please don’t think i’m being too forward,
to me everything is imaginary until it’s real,
even then it’s still mostly questionable,
swallowing reality with a blue and red think pill.

Please understand my  ‘i don’t give a shit attitude’
is really just a facade i put up bit by bit,
it’s meant to be just alluring enough to be attractive,
yet still hide the fact that i really don’t give a shit.

Please make no sense because that’s all i understand,
if you are not here to hurt  why even show up,
the truth is whatever you choose to believe at hand,
i can’t remember ever falling in love but often falling down.


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