Bitter-Sweet Sips

Being with me is not what may seem,
I never have fights and everything is clean.

Maybe things will change when life straightens out,
But that would be strange and I’m filled with doubt.

i hate my bed because we’re always alone,
the only thing used is the web and phone.

Sure it get’s lonely every night alone.
Bit I get stuff done when I’m at home.

If that happens and my future is made.
i may not remember how to get laid. 

If when we meet and we probably will.
Forget my indifference go in for the kill.

When you wake up the wounded lion inside.
Forget that you run you won’t want to hide.

i crave bitter-sweet the taste of your lips.
The smell of your voice and soft rounded hips.

i need you right now please don’t stay or go.
You can go tomorrow but then stay very slow.

Take everything off and prepare for attention.
My plan for you is too sinful to mention.

So lay on your back and wet down your lips.
i’m serving you a gallon with all little sips. 


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