Sailing Up Waterfalls

The liquid falls drip by drip,
upon falling waters i sail my ship,
blow a bubble then let it go,
where it goes next is the aetherflow.

The chance of anything happening,
is more than zero and less than one,
in the world in which we try and live,
everything changes and nothing is done.

No one cause can be the reason,
for the effect you are seeking,
uno cause and effect doesn’t exist,
except for the mental weakling.

Take a chance upon the Universe,
to extend your present stasis,
it has to pay off in the next few days,
on a regular this and that basis.

Wasted days and hours,
helping others in need,
what they only wanted,
was to get cut and i bleed.

Helping others before myself,
has always been my motto,
chances of the same in return,
are worse than winning the lotto.

Tomorrow will be too late,
today has just begun,
my corner is always empty,
when the bell is rung.


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