Invisable Happy Emotions

You are now gone and not because of death,
once again i feel close to complete.
You left me with nothing but my last breath,
and the empty feeling of deplete.

The day has finally come to linger,
you are no longer part of my existing life.
When I think of you now i’ll only remember,
the sickness and lonely, constant strife.

i should have known it was doomed to land,
when the desire too have you was gone.
You only wanted a golden stage upon to stand,
and my shoulders to place it square upon.

With you by my side I had never been so alone,
all of the way to the terrible very ends.
I’ve forgotten how to laugh, the feeling of stone,
to belong somewhere, anywhere, with good friends.

My emotions are mostly invisible now or in the rear,
i can no longer imagine happiness as a station.
What i received in return was loss of everything dear,
a world alone with a very big bad reputation.

You will not be remembered as an ex-flame,
or the hand for which i was the glove.
You were just an artist i once tried to help,
and the whore i twice tried to love.



5 responses to “Invisable Happy Emotions

  1. Thank you for sharing, it makes so much sense to me… I enjoy reading your poetry, so much…

  2. Dark poet, this is awesome. Sometimes I feel like we are kindrid spirits going through similiar crap. I love your work~

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