Fuzzy Token Expectations

Just because you want to love me it doesn’t give you verse.
I don’t love you now and most definitely never will.
I won’t love anyone and it only gets worse,
like all the others you do it still.
You really don’t know me,
but love me now like a pill.

If I live the life you want,
only you will ever be happy.
You can’t possibly love me,
I’m your fuzzy shadow fantasy.

It’s not the answers on your tray,
it’s your fault I’m not what you seek.
It’s the questions you never seem to say,
you’re welcome to try and peek.

This is the end of something,
that never really began.
You can’t be loving,
it only works with a human.

Expectations can only be broken,
it may be better to live the illusion,
When you think of my nature as token,
it’s the truth I wish for inclusion.


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