The Pleasant Side of Hurting

An undefinable situation is where I constantly am in trans,
time dilation happens when we move at a faster speed.
Since all movement is relative it doesn’t have plans,
betray me with a sweet kiss and we will no longer need.

Never knowing what the other side thinks and everyone is on the other side,
what they don’t know about me is that long before I could ever sing.
Looking for what’s wrong is easy and in that the truth will hide,
as young tough sailor in the seventh fleet I was called the ‘Oil King’.

Crash into my world while you are silentlessly drifting,
you can’t offend me ever but at times I’m easily hurt like a sting.
We’ll go down once again to the pleasant side of hurting,
by marching hand-n-hand while in mid-air and stretching our new wing.


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