Spit Swapping Catacombs

We want to swap spit and flee to within,
forces of market end where I begin.
The love within me now is hidden way down deep,
so far down the hole blackness now does seep.

There is much to do about everything now,
it’s part of my nature to figure out how.
I like to figure out how everything works,
learning long ago the figuring out hurts.

There is no distance in our aethersphere,
that is too far for us to get from here to there.
It happens in a moment without even a thought,
you want to come now and not get caught.

All you need do is close your eyescape tight,
wish your wish I’m granting you now for love at first fright.
A billion quanta I lay before you to see,
and hope you direct them to little lost me.

The lions always lead there’s no easy way out,
where it is I am there’s no such thing as clout.
You only need for yourself whatever it is you require,
the catacombs of our minds are full of wanton desire.


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