Minus One Man

What if I was not a man ?
What does that feel like ?
What if I’m less than a man?
minus 1 man

An empty space filled with flesh on the fall,
climbing up hills with shards of glass.
Below my station among my elements but above it all,
some call it lost or a little bit strange and I call it class.

If it is destined that we never agree to meet there,
you will always be my muse viable and rare.
I always knew you were out there somewhere,
hidden in the shadows like the others who dare.

I’m just a dream that you haven’t had yet,
whilst you are awake and can never forget.
You can be bad when you’re ready to step,
right now is as right as it’s ever going to get.

Something that needs your touch and your best attempt to restore,
there is always the secret hidden passage right under the dance floor.
Bad friends are the best when you’re with them behind the Black Door,
being with those who share your thirst for what most others abhor.


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