Dirty Little Secret

I’m not mister nice guy,
buy it now or quietly walk.
All they seem to want to do,
is argue nicely when they talk.

Show me something with your eyes,
that I haven’t seen ever before.
We’ll dance together when you realize,
it’s only me you’ve been longing for.

I’m your dirty little secret,
you only tell in the dark to yourself.
I’m the one sitting alone waiting,
always empty and on the top shelf.

I’ll always be here for you,
when you want to tell someone about me.
It’s okay because it’s nothing new,
I’m used to being plan b or c.

Making love is a far out thought,
once you let go and get a clue.
You think I want to and I think not,
I’d rather get another black tattoo.

Don’t ever ask me to lie down for you,
you only know what you want to see.
When you can clearly draw the line,
I would suggest dancing toe-to-toe with me.


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