Ruling Class Lies

The ruling class are easy to identity and not very many
they are those who decide, write and enforce the rules
there are multi segments in this wealthy class of breed
the unaware and happy while following the biggest fools

the financial elite who don’t realize that they are a part of it
their political nobility with the wealth and will to rule over others
their strongest sword that they wield is made from desirous greed
the young learn their ways and it’s sometimes okay to kill our brothers

the federal government is not our friend and have many full prisons to prove it
there are hospitals for those of us who fought their wars that are suicide machines
they feed & drug us with modified tasty genetics being pushed right down our throats
the programming that doesn’t cause salivation will drug you up and steal away your dreams

the inside rings of an old oak tree are necessary for the trunk to have its strength
their time is up in a the knowledgera with fresh organic coats of collective clout
their madness is fine because that is where creative greatness is derived
the insane who control the money are who we have to worry about

the probability that all of the pain is an accident isn’t possible
their design is too sinister for there to be no one to blame
they can’t make us choose to become a rebel or a saint
the real us they co-uncreated are one and the same

the masses have all the real power by design
they work for 95% of their life and then die
they survive with post taxes and a benefit
the american dream is a big white lie.

back breaking


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